Anzac Day in our country towns

Across rural NSW this Anzac Day you will find communities gathering to pay their respects to the many that have fought and sacrificed in conflicts across the globe for the freedom we enjoy in Australia today.

Some will march, and others will congregate in the main streets of their town in the brisk Autumn air along with family, friends and community to wave, clap and cheer as the progression of veterans, descendants, service men & women and school children proudly march to the beat of a sombre drum.

Everyone is respectful, and all are looking forward to a day of remembrance and recognition. The beautiful parks and gardens will swell with young and old, ready to take part in the morning ceremonies held at the local memorials.

At the commencement of the ceremonies all will break their stances and gather to greet old friends and welcome new ones. It’s a time when the local RSL will be brimming with talk and everyone is welcoming.

Some will tell the same Anzac stories that are told each year of the family histories or the friendships of war. Others will listen intently, happy to soak up the memories of those in their communities that have been a part of this grand collective story.

Country towns across Australia reserve a special place on the calendar for Anzac Day, as it is a time that highlights the true community spirit that is alive and well in our region.

If you haven’t experienced Anzac Day in a regional town, why not make the trip this year. You never know, you may not want to leave…

Lest We Forget.


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