Festival of the Miner’s Ghost

Halloween schmalloween. October may be the traditional time of year when hordes of dubiously costumed children knock on the door demanding armfuls of lollies, but I’m here to tell you there is a much better way to get your spooky on this month!

From Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October, the legendary mining town Cobar hosts its annual Festival of the Miner’s Ghost.

Residents believe that ghosts haunt the town’s Heritage Centre. According to local folklore, the site used to house the Great Cobar Copper Mine administrative offices, where hundreds of miners would queue to receive their wages after days of back-breaking labour. After World War 1, demand for copper sharply declined, and many miners were left unpaid and out of work. The Heritage Centre is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of these men, still waiting for their entitlements to be paid.

And to appease those restless souls in the meantime, the whole community throws a big party!

The festivities include art & craft exhibitions, live music and dance performances and a spectacular fireworks display over the old Great Open-Cut Copper Mine. There are also markets in the park, clowns, buskers and food vendors.

Highlights of the weekend include the Police Charity Golf Day, the Family Kite Flying Day, and of course – the Friday night Family Fright Night Disco.

For further information visit www.cobar.nsw.gov.au

2016 Festival of the Miner’s Ghost program


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