Coonamble takes a do-it-yourself ‘womb to tomb’ approach to caring for all our citizens, making the Coonamble community determined and dynamic. This enduring dedication to self-determination means our town and district enjoys a surprising range and quality of services and facilities including child care, aged and disability services, housing, health, education, fitness and recreation; and a full calendar of events designed to keep people connected, involved and entertained all year round.

We have enough to keep us happy, but there’s always more that can be done.

With a population of around 4,000 people, the Shire comprises the communities of Coonamble, Gulargambone and Quambone as well as residents of broadacre farms across the district.

Population overview:

  • Coonamble – 3,000
  • Gulargambone – 500
  • Quambone – 150

The Coonamble Shire spans almost 10,000 square km from the edge of the Warrumbungle Mountains, across the Castlereagh Plains to the magnificent Macquarie Marshes.

Traditionally home to the Weilwan and Gamilaroi people, Coonamble Shire in the new millennium is inclusive and progressive.

Coonamble township is 165km north of Dubbo on the Castlereagh Highway. Roughly 6 hours from Sydney and 8 hours from Brisbane, Coonamble and Gulargambone are located on the Great Inland Way – an alternate route to north Queensland from Victoria and South Australia due to its reputation as a ‘flat track’ for caravans, heavy vehicles and those seeking an easier route.

Ours is a productive agricultural region, based on sustainable dryland livestock grazing and cropping industries supported by modern management practices.

There are two beef cattle feedlots in the district and the Castlereagh Regional Abattoir is being upgraded for its long-awaited recommissioning.

The local business sector encompasses transport, earthmoving, construction and all the relevant trades, automotive, retail and hospitality, plus locally-owned professional services such as a large veterinary clinic, real estate, accountants, and solicitors.

The district has two pharmacies, a permanent dentist and is well serviced by locally-based doctors and other health services.

The Coonamble area enjoys a mediterranean-style climate with low humidity and lots of sunshine. Mild winters mean an extended growing season for a wide range of horticulture and broadacre crops.

The average rainfall is 500mm and it falls throughout the year with a dominance of summer rain.

Our water supply is secure and plentiful due to our location above the Great Artesian Basin.

Living in Coonamble


Reclaim your life and reinvent yourself in a caring, connected community.


Coonamble district residents value their space, time and freedom. Among Coonamble’s natural assets are an abundance of sunny days and a temperate climate. What’s more, there are no water restrictions in Coonamble which enables gardeners and water-sports enthusiasts to thrive in an otherwise “dry” climate.


In Coonamble Shire your down-time can be as hectic as you like. There are a selection of pubs, licensed clubs, cafes and restaurants so that good coffee, cold drinks and a good meal are never far away. Live music, art groups and theatrical shows cater to any cultural cravings and much of the fun is outdoorsy with a variety of both senior and junior sports needing varying levels of fitness. Coonamble has two well-equipped gyms and there are three swimming complexes in the shire.

Socially, Coonamble residents excel at making their our own fun. We like to wine, dine and dance under the stars beside the Gulargambone Creek. We dress up to go to the horse races and dress down to go to the dog races. We hold cricket matches out in the paddock at Wingadee Station and black tie balls in the betting ring at the Coonamble Racecourse.

And we like to ride in our wide open spaces… There are motocross, quad and road bikers, but the main mount is the horse. Along with TAB race meetings and Picnic Race clubs; there are pony clubs; an equestrian club; polocrosse club; and the largest combined rodeo and camp draft in the southern hemisphere held in Coonamble in June each year.

Visit for a full list of events in Coonamable.


Your next home is available and in reach, whether it’s a renovators’ delight or an established family home.

Homes are usually detached dwellings with 2-4 bedrooms and vary from new or well-maintained homes on acreage, to large older style homes on large town blocks, to smaller older-style cottages looking for love. Units, or blocks of units, become available on occasions.

Median house price is $110,000 for a 3 bedroom home in Coonamble and $67,500 for Gulargambone [1]. In Coonamble, highest price in past 12 months was $390,000 for a 4 bedroom house and the lowest was $60,000 for a 2 bedroom cottage. A home on 20 acres recently sold for $525,000 – the same home in a nearby regional centre would have cost $625,000 or more.

Median weekly rent is $200 per week. [2] Current available rentals start at $80 per week and range up to $325 per week. There is one locally-based rental agency in Coonamble with other properties privately managed by local owners.

There are blocks of land available for development for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Residential blocks (approx.. 1000-2000 sq m) regularly range from $10,000 to $30,000. The industrial blocks range from $28,000 to $70,000 in the Coonamble industrial estate.

Real Estate agents in Coonamble

[1] As at March 23, 2015.
[2] As at 20 April, 2015.


Coonamble Shire offers real choices to people with skills and a willingness to work.


Coonamble Shire has a robust and resilient business sector, comprised of almost 700 primarily small to medium enterprises. Coonamble District Chamber of Commerce has over 80 members and is very proactive, leading joint marketing campaigns, creating affordable opportunities for business skill development, and other activities in the interests of the local business community.

The local workforce of around 1500 is relatively stable and complemented by a mobile ‘backpacker’ market.   Jobseekers are supported by local Job Services agents, two Centrelink agencies, and regional apprenticeship centres. While the Coonamble Times weekly newspaper carries advertisements, and websites work well, many job opportunities are by ‘word of mouth’ so a reliable self-starter soon becomes hot property.

Self-employment is a good option for this area with affordable commercial premises, land available and a business community who support each other. There are strong, well-established businesses on the market as owners prepare to retire. New opportunities abound across a variety of business sectors for those with good ideas, sound skills, and a strong work ethic. Council and other agencies provide advice and assistance to start-ups or businesses relocating to the area.

Your local Job Active Providers are here:

Please see Our Jobs to view a full list of online resources for jobseekers.

Our Jobs


Size and distance are no barrier to quality education and training in Coonamble.


Early childhood care and education is well provided for with through three preschools, two childcare centres (one community-owned and one locally-owned private), and a number of playgroups. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities start here.

There are three primary schools, one central school, and a high school in the Shire. All are well-equipped and located in spacious well-tended grounds. All schools have a focus on student wellbeing and fostering individual achievement, with a track record of producing resilient, independent learners who can achieve anywhere.

Vocational training and higher education are available locally through the Coonamble Campus of TAFE, other Registered Training Organisations and the trend towards mixed-mode delivery using all the benefits of new technology combined with individualised face-to-face or telephone support. Many people study university via distance education utilising these methods.


Early childhood:



Coonamble Shire is well-serviced with a strong health, aged and disabled services sector. Where there is a need, we rise together to meet it.

Both Coonamble and Gulargambone have relatively new Multi-Purpose Health Service centres, and both towns have a pharmacy, and aged care accommodation. There are four doctors in private practice and also at the Coonamble Aboriginal Health Service. A fully-equipped Dental Surgery has a private dentist and visiting public dentists. Coonamble’s MPHS includes a radiography department, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, renal unit and other services. A variety of specialists visit on a regular basis.

Coonamble Courthouse and Police Station plus three private legal practices provide legal and justice services. The Rural Fire Service, Local Lands Service and a range of other state government agencies are also based in the town.

Business services include two banks, Post Office, and finance brokers. Coonamble has an independent weekly newspaper and a community-owned FM Radio station MTM-FM.

A Community Services Directory is maintained by Coonamble Neighbourhood Centre and available at:


Coonamble Shire has a range of exciting events to appeal to everyone, including:

For a full list of upcoming events please visit for further information.



Coonamble is a great central location to explore the region’s attractions such as the Coonamble Nickname Hall of Fame, Museum Under the Bridge, Riverwalk, Nakadoo Horse-Drawn Tours and Outback Arts Gallery.

Gulargambone has driven several projects including the first community-owned Post Office, attractive murals, the ‘two eight two eight’ cafe & gallery which includes an accredited Visitor Information Centre and the now famous ‘corrugated iron galahs’.

The charming little village of Quambone has two quaint bush churches, a general store, a hotel/motel, tennis courts, swimming pool and the smallest operational library in NSW. Quambone’s main attraction is the Macquarie Marshes.

A current list of attractions, dining and entertainment options, services and facilities are available at the Coonamble Visitor Information Centre or online at:

To view all featured events see our regional events calendar.

Regional villages and towns


Gulargambone (pop. 500) is a fiercely proud and welcoming community who have adopted a holistic approach to revitalising our future.

The community has driven several projects in the town including the first community-owned Post Office (Rural Transaction Centre) in Australia, a new Multi-Purpose Health Service, the two eight two eight volunteer-run café and gallery which includes an accredited Visitor Information Centre and the now famous corrugated iron galahs which appear on the highway and around town.

These continuing successes are a direct result of a strong and cohesive community who value their natural environment and uncomplicated lifestyle.


Quambone (pop. 150) is a friendly, charming little village only 57km west of Coonamble on sealed road and is the gateway to the internationally-renowned Macquarie Marshes.

There are two quaint bush churches, tennis courts, swimming pool, a General Store/Post Office, a friendly Hotel/Motel, a two-teacher primary school, and the smallest operational library in NSW.

New residents are always welcome in Coonamble Shire, with official annual welcoming events to introduce you to the town and district, and free ‘showbags’ containing useful information for new arrivals. Come and join us.


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