Sydneysiders – Take the plunge into a better regional lifestyle

Sydneysiders a better regional lifestyle awaits

Sydneysiders, we need to have a conversation. You and I both know it, life in the city is not getting any easier – Time to consider a better regional lifestyle.

In the past couple of years alone, house prices have skyrocketed, utility and grocery costs have gone through the roof, and the time you’re expected to put in at the office now is frankly outrageous. And when the weekend finally rolls around, how do you spend your Saturday mornings? Stuck in gridlocked traffic wasting precious hours while driving the kids to sport, that’s how! Overwhelmingly we’re more tired, we’re more stressed, and while we live in a beautiful city, we don’t have much time to enjoy it.

But you know what? We know a secret.

That easier, more laid back lifestyle is still out there, waiting for you, if you’re willing to look beyond the inner city. There are plenty of regional and rural towns scattered all over this beautiful state of ours that thousands of tree-changers have already discovered. And while those trailblazers are reaping the benefits of a more relaxed environment, they’re also taking advantage of growth industries and helping to revitalize communities.

The Orana region features a range of towns with distinct personalities that will welcome you and your family with open arms.

And what can you expect in return? How does hugely reduced commute distances, close-knit communities and an abundance of leisure hours sound for a start? Lazy hazy summer evenings spent chatting to the neighbours while the kids go for a swim and ride their bikes up and down the street? A backyard big enough for a veggie garden and a pool and maybe a couple of chickens? Throw in median house prices that are SO much more affordable than the grim reality of Sydney’s million-dollar benchmark, and you’ll be swooning into your soy latte and wondering why on earth you haven’t thought of moving sooner.

It’s a process to make a big leap into the unknown. But there are lots of proactive things you can do to research destinations, reduce risk, and ultimately, make potentially the most exciting and beneficial decision to enhance your family’s future.

Planning some short trips to the regional centres and towns that appeal to you is a great first step. Local councils provide lots of information, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll be the first to know what’s happening in the Orana region

Why not take that first step to a better regional lifestyle.


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